Word for Word Meaning of the Quran Vol 1, 2, 3 (Complete)

Titel:      Word for Word Meaning of the Quran Vol 1, 2, 3 (Complete)
Kategorien:      Quranexegese (Tafsir)
BuchID:      147
Autor:      Darussalam
Verlag:      Darussalam
Publikationsdatum:      21-03-2018
Edition:      1
Anzahl der Seiten:      1388
Sprache:      Englisch
Standort:      Hidaya Moschee
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Ausgeliehen von - bis:     10-04-2017 / 12-05-2017
Beschreibung:      Product Description
For the first time word for word English translation to increase the awareness of the Arabic verses. To understand the Qur'an it is necessary that one should know the translation of every word of the verse. Therefore, to convey to the people, the more accurate meaning of the Qur'anic verses, the word-for-word translation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an is produced. Since mere word-for-word translation itself does not lead to the complete understanding, the idiomatic translation is also produced on the same page to facilitate for the complete awareness. Volume 1: Parts 1 to 10 Pages: 455 Volume 2: Parts 11 to 20 Pages: 452 Volume 3: Parts 21 to 30 Pages: 476



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